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Finding The Balance

Find Inner Balance

In your physical incarnation in present times we have to handle so many things, which haven't ever been a part of a humans more

Polarity and Duality

Duality and Polarity

In the dimensions we live in, we always have something good and something bad, sunshine or rain, love or hate, protons with positive more

The Relation between Partnerships and Polarity

Everybody and everything needs to and gets balanced. No matter which part of the universe you are or something is. The same principle more

It's Your Own Way

Your Own Way

Realize that your personal and energetic development is crucial for your life and finally perhaps the ascension of your more

The Torus Field

The Torus Field Blurry

Every living being has it's own electromagnetic field. From the earth which protects us from space radiation and charged particles more

The Chakras

Astral Body

The word 'Chakra' is a sanskrit (ancient indian language) word, which means 'wheel'. This wheel like object is a more


The Life and It's Roots

Life Roots

We are here to experience, to learn and to achieve for what we incarnated for. If you read this for more

The Aquarius Era Initiation

Pisces to Aquarius Era

We are continuously stepping more and more into the Aquarius era. The opinions vary widely, when we will fully enter, or even already have passed more