it's your own way

Your Own Way

Realize that your personal and energetic development is crucial for your life and finally perhaps the ascension of your soul.


If you think that a live of work were banks, credits and economical circumstances are leading our life is all we are as 'Humanity', you are false. The media tries in every aspect to make you a better working or consuming machine to get them who pay and sponsor more, richer and richer.


You think you are safe and satisfied? Than you should try instantly to find a quiet place, where you can concentrate on your father spiritual development.


Many people think of religions, if they read the word 'spiritual'. By writing this I don't mean religions, cults or the feeling of being on a higher level than anyone else. This word describes the condition of your ability to get in tune with the universe and to find ways to open your creativity to all aspects of your life.


By getting spiritual, your mind starts to understand some fundamental principles of life. You don't have to show or prove anybody anything. With every nature of you, you're helping the universe to understand and discover itself. Do not judge yourself, neither for euphoria nor for excessive grief.


Furthermore you could calm down and feel comfortable for some meditation, yoga or something to get rid of the stress you experience all day long. Also watch your dreams. If you always forget your dreams, something is not right. Perhaps you need some more restful sleeps and slowdowns of your lifestyle?


After thinking and researching about, why life itself exists, your own way will show up and you are able to find your own way to be "spiritual". By getting this information, you can take a closer look at your inner self.


Your life will change to a more positive way by being friendly and kind to other people, but this is not a "requirement from the universe" for that you can call you a "spiritual, higher and loving" person. The decision is at you. Because you are carrying the universe inside yourself (described in "The Life and its Roots"), you are able to design your own life and environment like your dreams. No "universe" or "god" will prescribe your own way. You are and always will be all.



Note: This article is only for creative thinking purposes. In no way this article shall give any scientifically proved education or information.