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Energy Wave
  • You feel impoverished?

  • You feel physically weak and you can't find the reason why?

  • You often feel depressive?

  • You can't concentrate?

  • You don't feel comfortable with your appearance?

  • You often suffer from tiredness?

  • Your creativity feels blocked?

  • Your immune system doesn't work the way it should?

  • You have problems to articulate yourself?


Find your energetic balance!

Finding The Balance

Inner Balance


In your physical incarnation in present times we have to handle so many things, which haven't ever been a part of a humans more


It's Your Own Way

Your Own Way


Realize that your personal and energetic development is crucial for your life and finally perhaps the ascension of your more


The Aquarius Era Initiation

Pisces to Aquarius Era

We are continuously stepping more and more into the Aquarius era. The opinions vary widely, when we will fully enter, or even already have passed more

Aquarius Era Timer


Initiation Date:
Wed, 22 Jul 0201 18:00:17 GMT
Julian Initiation Date:


Initiation Date:
Fri, 21 Jul 2361 19:53:45 GMT
Julian Initiation Date:

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