Finding the balance

Find Inner Balance

In your physical incarnation in present times we have to handle so many things, which haven't ever been a part of a humans life: Standing up every day to go to work; complicated traffic situations; planning and organizing your day; answering messages; learning about new technologies; go shopping to get your foods before the stores get closed; working as fast as you can to be as efficient as possible.


The world runs faster and faster, what makes it more difficult to relax or even to have the time to cook or to take care of your nourish. This leads to a loss of health. At this point, the power of your physical body and your mental power begins to leak.


Every living being on earth needs a rest to regenerate, which isn't that easy in this technologized and fast world. The ability to be kind and human shrinks. Peoples highest goal turns into most profit for themselves. Most people work just for their money while they forget the reason of their work. Managers and bankers work to get the most profit for their company and finally themselves, as well as the working class who work for the managers. 


People think they are dependent from money, while they forget their roots. Money is good for trading and is easing business in every aspect. But banks do misuse money. They claim that they own money, which they do not, and therefore they demand interest. This lets the banks and economy rule the world. Because of that, you always have this inner pressure feeling which tells you that you need more and more money for your existence founding.


If you are able to realize why you are living, and this is not because of paying taxes to governments, than you perhaps are able to see what is important for an harmonized and open minded society. It's the power which surrounds us all and which everybody bears within himself. The infinite creation of the universe.


This creation and creativity power is the main energy source which everyone can use to heal himself and others, to get a deeper understanding of everything and to create or think of new inventions. Finding a way to canalize this energy, automatically leads to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Just because you read this, your brain begins to understand some new aspects which are present in our life.


The creation power flows into our bodies by passing through spiral formed energy centers at different locations of our bodies. Every center is corresponding with a part of your body or your mind. By stimulating these energy centers through different methods, you can scale these centers up, to let more energy passing through and to put more power into one section of your body. All in all you are healing yourself by opening this doors.


With the software Transcendental Source (it's a gift to you) you are able to find ways to open your energy centers.



Note: This article is only for creative thinking purposes. In no way this article shall give any scientifically proved education or information.