The Aquarius Era - A new Age of Rethinking





Initiation Date:
Wed, 22 Jul 0201 18:00:17 GMT
Julian Initiation Date:


Initiation Date:
Fri, 21 Jul 2361 19:53:45 GMT
Julian Initiation Date:

We are continuously stepping more and more into the Aquarius era. The opinions vary widely, when we will fully enter, or even already have passed the beginning of this era. That's mainly because there are no absolute "borderlines" in the starry sky, which finally separate one constellation from another. The graph above therefore, depends on the average of all known times for the beginning of the era.
Let's look at this event in a nonlinear universe, like this:


Pisces Era to Aquarius Era Image


Interpreting the Changes


A change never happens at a fixed linear time, that we all perceive simultaneously. Neither a sudden rise in consciousness, nor a change on an object moving faster or slower relative to us. When, astrologically, the moon moves through a zodiac sign, sometimes it is only "halfway" in one of these signs. In this case, both zodiac signs would simultaneously influence our thoughts and actions. In addition, today's viewpoints on the sky do not represent the same areas as at the time of zodiac sign spotting, as the inclination of the earth always changes slightly, as in a gyroscope (precession).


So you can not say, "Well, now the Aquarian Age has begun!", Rather, we slide in fluently, just as we know it from our own life circumstances, which are just shifting. Think about the following statement in this context: "He who does not seek, he will find!"


We see in social changes, what happens between and in us humans. However, this only works for long periods of time, when you have to look back to see the bigger portrait, because we are often too short-sighted and our fast living offers little scope, to see the changes directly.


But that is not necessary, as there are no sudden changes in this astrological context. Consider the long period in which the universe has already spread its roots. Everything comes and always flows into each other fluently, as well as this transition.



World Influence Image


The Influence of Aquarius


 In retrospect, Aquarius has meanwhile given us more and more of its attributes, and they accumulate noticeably:

  • Technological Headway
  • More Open Mental Attitude
  • Communicative Collaborative Solutions
  • Inventiveness
  • Openness for, and Enjoyment of New Things
  • Increased Mental Abilities
  • Creative Disorder In Thoughts
  • Profundity


Your Part Image

Your Participation


It's possible to feel into this mood at any time. We do this every day a bit more, with every action and every thought, you as well. In order to keep the ongoing influences in your life, it's recommended to open parts of your inner world of thoughts and not to reject new. The more we are in tune with our inner source, the creative power of being and the closeness to existence, the easier it will be for you and your environment, to correctly interpret and understand any signs.


In the following situations, you can perceive the Aquarian influences yourself and, if you notice them, also project onto your environment:


  • The people around you are angry, but you have a constructive solution.
  • You talk to other people about your problems and listen to theirs.
  • You get a great idea at your job and implement it immediately.
  • It's easier for you to understand why a computer gives an error message.
  • An dispute dissolves faster than usual.
  • You are suddenly interested in a topic that you have previously rejected.
  • You hear a song and suddenly you can empathize deeply.
  • It's easier than usual to write a text.

These are just examples and you will discover more and more after the time, which gradually changes or accumulates in your life and environment.





Zodiak Image
By Tauʻolunga - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,



One Zodiac Sign Era

Forming the sun from the point of view of the earth as a center line, when the sky is divided into 12 sections of 30 ° (sidereal zodiac) standing for the 12 signs of the zodiac, annually starting again at the vernal equinox (21st March) *, through the different sized constellations , this will set your zodiac sign or star sign, in which the sun was on your birthday.


Our sun rises up on a certain day of the year, on the vernal equinox (21st March) * for about 2150 to 2170 years, every year again in this particular zodiac area.


<< This period denotes an era. >>


So on average, an era lasts 2160 years.


*The vernal equinox is the point in the sky, when the sun is in the moment it crosses earth's equator north on March 21st.