The life and its roots

Life Roots

We are here to experience, to learn and to achieve for what we incarnated for. If you read this for example, your being brought you here, because you reached a development state where you need to think about things like this.


Every being decided to spend time on earth or another planet in the universe to learn a lesson which the being did not learn in an earlier life. The whole universe is full of life. Physical incarnations like animals, pure energetic beings, plants, mushrooms, bacteria and all we can not imagine.


Everything is interconnected with everything. We do not know much about quantum physics, but we know that an atom does act in the same way as an atom which is oscillating in the equal frequency, no matter which distance in space is in between. That is the main physical evidence for interconnection without any wire.


We are the universe and the universe is inside us. You cannot be left alone or be lonely, because you are a part of this gigantic creation. When you pray to a god, you pray to yourself and every atom and every energy in the universe. If you belief in any human made god, this belief power helps yourself. That's why prayers often have an effect. As stronger you belief in this gods, as stronger will be this effect to yourself and everything, because you are this god.


By understanding yourself, you will understand the creation. For creating planets or life nothing else than ourselves is needed. We and every other form of life created the universe we live in, because we and all are one. Who tells us, that planets and matter is not emotionally sensitive? If it's energetically sensitive through a magnetic field, why are human emotions different than this, if we see it through a scientific point of view?


A thought is not just a thought, it is a changing electromagnetic state of your brain. If we are one with all, we could manipulate our world and life just with thoughts. And we do this every second. We decide to do an action. If we don't want to do this action, we do another instead. Or somebody else is doing something, which changes your action.



Note: This article is only for creative thinking purposes. In no way this article shall give any scientifically proved education or information.