The Relation between Partnerships and Polarity

Everybody and everything needs to and 'automatically' gets balanced. No matter which part of the universe you are or something is. The same principle in partner- or relationships. If you are sitting together with friends, all people usually would like someone who jokes and leads with her/his jokes, because in their normal life this doesn't appear that often. You and the most of your friends would feel well and cozy. The normal life charges from all of these guys move more to one neutral point in the center between 'negative standard days' and 'positive funny days'. But some people of this group wouldn't feel that cozy, because they already had more 'positive funny days' than the opposite and wouldn't like joking guys who 'undermine' their own humor. They wouldn't feel that well and cozy, because their charges wouldn't move more to the central zero point, but more to the 'positive funny days' side.


The movement of the 'positive' to 'negative' and otherwise is not timely restricted and can be changed through every action/experience in everybody's life, so all people will never be at exactly one neutral zero point, but they could come very close to this. As nearer they are all to one neutral point, as better the harmony and well feeling would be, because they all equalize themselves out. This wouldn't be possible if only actions or emotions from one faction would exist. Only positive can't equalize with only positive, right?


Why, do you think people feel good when they sing or chant together? Why, do you think people feel good when they meditate together? Why, do you think people feel good if they can talk about one topic with others in detail? Why, do you think people feel good when they are playing games together? Why, do you think people feel good when they listen to the same music, which they all like, together at one place? Why, do you think sex or physical affection with others feels so good?

Short answer: As better they feel, as nearer they are all at one neutral zero point, because they are all thinking and feeling the same for a certain amount of time.



It works the same way with partnerships (as well as the polarity works with everything in the universe).


First example:

Imagine a partner who is very family-oriented and another one who prefers to work all day and doesn't like doing things with the family. These partners would be perfect, because they would equalize themselves out.


If there would only be hard workers, what do you think would happen? The workers wouldn't have a reason to work for, because life needs relations and emotions for what they are building things or doing their job for. Why would you build and invent a coffee machine if none could enjoy a cup of coffee with his family, friends, or workmate? This people would die lonely at work, without a family-oriented/emotional other side of life.


If there would only be family-oriented guys, what do you think would happen? These people are trying all their best to preserve a good family life to all the members, and to uphold feelings and emotions which give all of us our life. But for whom they should do this, if all people would be highly family-oriented? And who should build and invent all the devices and houses to let the family exist this way?


Second example:

Imagine that two partners are hard workers who go to work everyday, do the same jobs at the same working facility and doesn't see themselves very often, sitting on the couch at home. When they get home, they couldn't talk much about their jobs, because they did the same and know the same. They would be in the same kind of polarity state. This will keep them being in this state and doesn't let them find one neutral point. These partners wouldn't stay together for a long time, unless they subjugate themselves social compulsiveness (which would lead to even worse moods), or they just have a poor sexual relationship.



The best option to come together to one zero point for a certain amount of time is having sex or physical affection with others by the way. That's because, we're closest to the primary source of all at this time.



Luckily every person has both sides inside themselves, and only one side would end up in absolutely no action and no life, absolutely no movement or only one still point inside the whole everything. That's why no polarity is impossible.


In higher, pure energy bases levels, an absolute zero point is conceivable, because then we're going back to our primordial state and getting One with the pure creation, from which we came from.




Ask yourself:

Why, do you think people say having sex after disputes would be the best?



Note: This article is only for creative thinking purposes. In no way this article shall give any scientifically proved education or information.