The idea - support for Humanity and planet earth

Without expecting to get back anything.

The Earth

In many countries all over the world, people have to suffer from starvation, corrupt governments, war, unemployment, diseases, belief systems, slavery and militarization.

Mother nature is suffering because of humans destructive way of life. People forgetting their roots. We are not the leaders of the planet or the universe, we are a part of it.


Do you see the mistake? Central banks, compound interest, fictive money fabrication for slaving us by lending credits. In short, the problem is money as we know and use it today in our capitalistic forms of governments. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.


In fact, banks and the super rich rule the world.

It would be more complex if we would include massive data collection concerns like Google, which control almost every aspect of our life by the economy and personal advertising.


Nobody else, also not any countries government leads us. Or what do you think, the authorities do obey? I guess you would think of our democratic politician voting shows.

But that's your advantage! I'm not the biggest fan of capitalism, and I want to give everybody the chance to use my products without demanding anything from them. Everyone should be able to use them. That's the goal! If you are satisfied, I'm satisfied.


The universe gave us the power, to freely transpose the infinite creativity that surrounds us all, into our life and our projects. In tribute I'm here to show you, how you can reach everything you imagine by placing value on things, which doesn't show up instantly.


This should be a small step, up to a more open minded, healthier and more social society.