Celestial Core Productions

Celestial Core Productions Studio

The Founding

'Celestial Core Productions ' was founded in march 2016. Summarized, it's a production studio owned and administered by Joey Böttcher. The name came from the rather esotericismic and spiritual thematics.


The start was led by the basic idea of general well-being and to transpose the energy of universal creativity into all projects.


What we do

The focus lies in graphics, audio- and video productions of any kind you'd like. Tell us what you wanna do or what you imagine, we could share ideas. Ideas and sharing doesn't cost anything, for sure.


For Whom

Our work is transposed creative energy, ready for any project. We are all able to open and use this tunnels. If you are looking for a graphics, audio or video designer, you could get in touch with us. Perhaps we could share ideas and find a solution for your projects.


The Staff

Basically Celestial Core Productions consists of one guy. Find out more about the staff here.



You can find us in Hanover, Germany. For more address or contact information click here.