The Staff

Joey (Head of CCP)

Designing and developing skills

Joey Böttcher

All my life I was interested in technology. It began with an Atari and Commodore 64, continuing with an Amiga. My first PC occupied my desk in 2001.

Because of my fathers skills and equipment for audio production, I was interested in that as well.

When I was a boy, my brother asked me to make some graphics for his projects (E. g. an animation where the Linux Tux penguin shits on a MS Windows flag). That's where my graphics affinity came from. Additionally I always liked filming and editing stuff. (When I was a little boy, I first did this with an old surveillance camera, connected to a video tape recorder with a very long antenna cable. I was absolutely astonished, when I first discovered the MS Movie Maker on Windows XP in 2004.)


For audio productions I'm using mostly the amazing Native Instruments stuff like the Kontakt Player, Reaktor, Absynth and Tracktion for editing. Quick audio changes are done with Audacity (Geniously free audio editing software). For own instrumental recordings I'm using Pro Tools (Perfect for massive automation and for recording many tracks simultaneously.)


For the most part I'am working with Blender (An absolutely great and amazing free software to create animation, video and picture stuff, which I'm using for almost everything) as well as GIMP (Fantastic image manipulation software). For vector graphics I'm using Inkscape. For cutting and editing videos I'm using Shotcut (tiny, fast and free).


I also got very little experience in Python programming, as well as Javascript and standard HTML.